Taylor Swift: you’ll never guess who she’s going out with!?

A few weeks after she broke up with DJ Calvin Harris, the pretty blonde seems to have got over it fairly quickly! Exclusive photos published by the British newspaper The Sun revealed Taylor Swift kissing the British actor Tom Hiddleston.


It must have been love at first sight for the couple at the Met Ball, an evening organized by Anna Wintour to raise money for the Costume Institute. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston seemed very close, sharing a move or two on the dance floor.


During an interview with Tom Hiddleston, he revealed: “I haven’t actually danced for a long time… I was on a table with Taylor Swift and The Weeknd was playing and she said: ‘The thing about these parties is nobody gets up to dance. I said: ‘I’m in, of course, let’s go. Absolutely.’ We just jumped up and started dancing – and everybody else started dancing –which was great.” Perhaps the pair prolonged the evening away from prying eyes….

If Taylor and Tom wanted to keep this new romance a secret, they didn’t do a very good job! The couple were photographed kissing whilst lazing about on a beach in the south east of the USA. It clearly didn’t take the singer long to find someone else! The newspaper The Sun also revealed that Taylor had broken up with Calvin Harris as he didn’t want to talk about marriage or children.


Whilst Taylor Swift seems to have got over her relationship with Calvin Harris, it seems the DJ on the other hand, hasn’t taken the news so well!

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