SEX TAPES!! Here are the Most Searched Celebrity Sex Tapes.

Be it stolen or leaked the current generation love to see celeb nudes. Otherwise how do you explain all the trending private photo leaks. Sounds not cool but they do propel some characters to fame. So, here are the most popular sex tapes as ranked by Google.

Tulia Contostavlos, 4.9

Tulia is a British actress /singer and a judge on the U.K The X-Factor. The film shows her perform an oral play to boyfriend. Too bad her career went down way since then.

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Kendra Wilkinson, 8.4

Kendra exposed was filmed back in 2005 despite finding its way to the internet five years later. She struck a deal with Vivid Entertainment making millions out of this internet sensation.

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Pamela Anderson, 7.6

Pamela had a career boost from the sex tape. It shows Anderson and then-husband Tommy Lee on their honeymoon. It was stolen from their house in 1995 by an electrician. The tape made $77 million within a year. Though she fails to admit, it’s strongly believed the couple made a back door deal with the distributor.

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Paris Hilton, 11.3

Before, Paris was a hotel heiress and thanks to the tape she became a celebrity. The tape was leaked in 2003 by her boyfriend. She filed a lawsuit and at the end of the day made $400,000 under the tape titled, One Night in Paris.

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Kim Kardashian, 14.8

Forget the other tapes. This is the mother of them all. Kim has reaped more benefits from the tape than all the other celebs combined. The film done in 2003 is well shot featuring her, of course, and boyfriend Ray J. She filed a lawsuit and struck a deal earning million. It remains the most adult film ever!

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