Celebrities with not so Perfect Bodies.

Most celebs look flawless while walking on the red carpets. However, this is not the case if you take a closer look. It’s no body shaming but the facts remain, they are not perfect after all.

Kesha , tail

When little , Kesha had a tiny tail about quater an inch. The doctors rectified the default.” I had a tail when i was born,” she told Heat magazine. “Then they chopped it off and stole my tail.”

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Karolina Kurkova, no belly button

Some think it’s bad airbrushing but no. The Victoria Secret model suffers from umbilical hernia which distorts the belly button.

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Oprah Winfrey, sixth toe

The reality star suffers from splayfoot syndrome. The long bone, resembling a toe, spread apart when she walks.

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Vince Vaughn, deformed thumb

Actor Vince is awesome and a hank. Unfortunately, he lost the tip of his finger in a car accident. He jokes about it, “a penis with a fingernail.”

Image result for Vince Vaughn, deformed thumb

Kate Bosworth, different coloured eyes

Kate has heterochromia iridis. This is a condition where one eye colour is different from the other eye. In her case, one is blue the other brown.

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Mathew Perry, Missing finger

The Friends actor lost one of his fingers in a door-shutting accident in his childhood.

Image result for Matthew Perry, Missing finger

Steven Tyler, deformed toes

The Aerosmith frontman suffers from Morton’s neuroma. This came from wearing too tight shoes while doing numerous energetic stage performances.

Image result for Steven Tyler Aerosmith frontman s, deformed toes

Gerard Butler, Unusual ear

You might never have noticed it and neither did he until he shaved when starring for the Tomb Raider sequel. This deformity came after an ear surgery in his early years after struggling with tinnitus.

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